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This is a space for people who are fucking gender with the lights on, and those who love them.
Let people see you. I know I want you to.
I accept pics and posts from anyone who transcends gender and looks good doing it

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Jun 6 '13


Taking pictures of myself in my own clothes in the target dressing room.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you all. Here’s an outfit since you’ve been so patient. 

May 21 '13

Hello lovely genderfuckers.

I’m just writing this to tell you that i’m still here and very much interested in filling your dash with pictures of people fucking with the gender binary system. 

Very much interested indeed. 

I’ve just had some things going on in my life (I.E. My entire wardrobe (as well as all the rest of my things) burned in a house fire 3 weeks ago.)

I’m fine, thanks for asking, my clothes, on the other hand, did suffer a more dismal fate. So, everything i post of myself will be brand new and far from now. 

Thanks for sticking around. 

Keep submitting awesome pictures of yourselves doing awesome things. If not just so I can live vicariously through your closets. 

(Also I no longer have a computer so posts will be fewer and farther between but they will occur children. I promise. Don’t you fret.)

Peace and Love Genderfucks. 

Peace and Love. 

Jan 27 '13

Because there are so many of you.

and I’m creepy. 

I sometimes randomly go to a page of my followers and click through that entire list and follow some of you, you know, to keep my scopes of fashion and genderfuckery in the categories marked as “broad”. 

But if you don’t get a follow from this blog because this one is a entirely fashion centered blog, you still may see a little “New follower” notification and that random guy with all the Lions and sex on his blog is me on my personal blog, because I like you I wanted to be nearer you on my blog. 

So, basically good on all of you for being awesome, 

1. for supporting this blog and this space. 

2. For being awesome in blogverse as well. 

Dec 3 '12

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a safe space for everyone who felt like they might not have this anywhere else. And it has become that, and it’s still that and always going to be that. I also did not want it to be associated with my personal blog so I didn’t mention it or show my face on here. I wanted it to be about the fashion. Ya know, until it became a thing.

So since I came back to over 1,000 followers, I decided I would actually show my face to you all. 

I’m Milo. Just a trans*man of color and size, also known as Your humble Admin. 

Thanks for all of the likes, submissions and follows. 

I hope that you will continue to do so and allow this space to continue to be as amazing as it is. Thank you all. 

Nov 25 '12

Hello lovely people.

Your humble Admin here, 

So I was thinking the other day that a few of you have asked me questions pertaining to style and what to wear and what coordinates with what, and I have thought to open up a segment (not like this is a show or somethin’) wherein you all might ask me questions and I would answer them publicly. 

I can’t decide whether I would tag them “Fashion Advice” or if I wanted to be pretentious and tag them “Ask Mr. Trans*Fashion” and I would know whether or not your message was for the segment by you starting the message with that. “Mr. Trans*Fashion, (or Mr. T*F” for short), I have a question about which color bowtie to wear with this color shirt, or something of that nature.”

It’s really up to you. 

I’m not saying that I’m some fashion expert but I would like to think I had an eye for it, yeh?

Beautiful Trans*women followers, please don’t think this is just another thing geared towards the boys. I often dress my girlfriend when we go out so if you want my opinion on any questions you might have regarding fashion, do not hesitate.

I will do my best to help any on occasion. 

Basically, there are enough of you now that we can all help each other yes?


This has been a post.  

Jul 29 '12

Hello lovely followers.

This is just a post to remind and encourage you to submit pictures of yourself or others fucking gender with the lights on, in your everyday wear, formal attire, or even just lounging around. 

If you have a style that is beyond and or against the gender norm this is your place to be seen. 

I post my own outfits on occaision but I created this to be your space. Don’t forget that.

Submit. Submit. Submit. 

I love seeing you all work it the fuck out. 


Jul 4 '12

Regarding my Tags.

It has come to my attention that my tags of “gender non conforming” “genderfuck” and things of the like are problematic in that people might not identify as such. After some thinking, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed valid and I am now issuing a formal apology to those of you who feel that I have tagged you in a way that you do not identify with. 

From now on I will be adding no additional tags regarding anything BUT your clothes, as this is a fashion blog, UNLESS you have stated so in either a submission, where you have tagged it yourself, OR in a blurb written by you on the blog from which I reblog your photo from. 

Again, I apologize if anyone has been wrongly tagged or therefore wrongly labeled. 

My offer still stands however, if you would like to be tagged as anything other than anything I, or the site I reblogged you from, tagged you as, let me know.

Now, it will be to add tags rather than change them. 

The name of the blog will not change because I believe that being trans* involves a lot more than being trans*female or trans*male. It involves a varying array of identities in between. Should you wish to be tagged as any of these identities let me know in your submissions or through a message and I will be more than happy to tag you as such. 

My intent was and still is for this to be a safe place for everyone who transcends gender. If you find something I do problematic call me out. I will check myself and move from there. 

Thank you for following and submitting. 


Jul 4 '12

This person does remind me though,

that it has been a while since I have made the statement that I made in response to their questions towards the blog.

I made it at the beginning and the blog is gaining followers rather rapidly now so I suppose it should be one that I make ever so often. 

If anyone sees a picture of themselves on my blog and do not agree/feel comfortable with whatever tags that I have added or have been added either by myself or whoever I reblogged it from, feel free to message me and I will change whatever you wish me to. 

It is my wish to have a safe place for trans* people, gendernonconformers, genderfucks and any other identity that one should feel comfortable with. This is first and foremost a fashion blog for people who feel as though they identify as such. If you do, submit and if you love to see it done, follow. 

That is all I want for this blog and it seems that it is coming along nicely in that direction. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far and will in the future. I appreciate you all. This blog is run by me, but it is fueled by you all. 

Thank you so much. 


Jul 4 '12

Tank top- CCS 

Denim Jacket


Leopard print cut off twill jorts… 

I call these my “I need tattoos on my legs” shorts. 

Jun 20 '12
Tank top- CCS $12.99
Khaki’s- Dickies (womens “tomboy” cut) 
Denim Vest (Made from my mother’s old jacket)
Snapback- CCS $24.99

Tank top- CCS $12.99

Khaki’s- Dickies (womens “tomboy” cut) 


Denim Vest (Made from my mother’s old jacket)

Snapback- CCS $24.99